My name is Fleur. In January 2016 I traded beautiful, vibrant, but also (air) polluted Amsterdam, for the lungs of Europe: the (Austrian) Alps! My mission: get healthy. I’d been taking antibiotics on a daily basis for 12 years straight in order to control asthma in combination with an immune defence problem.

I desperately wanted to get rid of my ‘drug addiction’, so I made a bold move and left for the mountains hoping the clean(er) air would heal my lungs and therewith my health.

What you will find here

This blog is a journal of my journey to better health.

A few months after I moved to the mountains, I realized that the clean mountain air wasn’t enough to replace my antibiotics firewall. More was needed and so I started experimenting… With food and supplements, but also with cold therapy, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, you name it.

All of these experiments where aimed at reducing the inflammation in my body.

The status quo?

A funky combination of lifestyle changes helped me get rid of all medication! Something I had hoped for, but not deemed possible.

Unfortunately inflammatory diseases are on a rise. Researchers assume that this rise has to do with changes in our environment. We have drastically changed the way we live the past 100 years. Inflammatory diseases are puzzling to most doctors: there’s little consensus on what causes it and how to deal with it.

By sharing my story and experiences I aim to inspire other people who struggle with an inflammatory disease such as asthma to experiment -in a responsible way*- with lifestyle changes in order to reach more sustainable health.

Examples of subjects that I touch upon in my writings: experimental lifestyle, breathing exercises, air pollutionnutritionantibiotics resistance  etc.

Breathing freely up at the Kraxentrager (2999m!) on the border between Italy and Austria.

*I´m not a doctor and I would always recommend that you consult with your lung specialist before you copy one of my experiments (or any experiment for that matter).

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