A few months ago I wrote a blog on Wim Hof (also known as The Iceman) and the relationship between his cold therapy/breathing exercises and reduction of inflammation. Since lung diseases such as asthma are all about chronic inflammation I was triggered to start experimenting (again) with his techniques. And this time for real….

So, what happened? I got so fired up after I´d written that blogpost 2,5 months ago that not a day has gone by since that I have not showered cold! Yes, indeed, every. single. day!

What can I say: feel more energized. I´ve always been a morning person so waking up has never really been a problem, but I do feel different since I´ve started taking cold showers. More awake and also stronger. Not just physically, but also mentally. By showering cold in the morning I feel like I´ve already won a challenge that day. It´s a great ´warming up´ for other challenges that might be coming my way during the rest of the day.

After a year of reducing my medication drastically I faced a little setback last April with my lung function (FEV 1 for the connoisseurs among you) slightly below 80%.* Moving to a country with cleaner air and a change of diet had proved very beneficial to my health, but I felt the need to step up my game in order to prevent an increase of medication. So that was another trigger to experiment with Wim Hofs´techniques.

How my lungs feel about this new habit!?

I´m on track again! My last breathing test (about 1,5 weeks ago) was over 80% again. Ofcourse I can´t be 100% sure that I can attribute this result solely to making this change, but the one thing I do know is that I love this new habit! And so is my wallet… Cold water is free in Austria, so I was all smiles when I received a letter from the local administration the other day stating that my montly energy contribution is cut by 50%. A good incentive to stay on board during the autumn and winter days right 🙂

I guess the only appropriate thing to do now is to deliver on the promise that I made in my blogpost 2,5 months ago…


If you want to go for a ´swim´ in this lake too: stay tuned: I´ll share a clean air travel tip on the hike that I made (including this lake) in the coming weeks…

Did this inspire you to experiment with cold therapy? That´s great news! At the same time I would recommend that you consult with your lung specialist before you start taking icebaths. We´re all programmed slightly different and I´m not a doctor so we´ll have to enjoy the cold responsibly 🙂

*80% or more is within normal reach. Read more about breathing tests here.


Talking about cold training: In the summer of 2018 Jerome Wehrens (lead Wim Hof trainer) and Whatsyourexcuse organized the retreat ´Find your breath´ at the Alpenretreat in Austria. Jerome will organize another edition in 2020. Check his website for more information on this retreat ! 🙂


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