I read this line on the back cover of a book by William Brayant Logan about air and it really stuck with me….

Yesterday I came back from an unbelievable holiday! I spent a week on the Spanish island Ibiza practicing yoga and meditation, dropped by in the Netherlands to catch up with some people, spent almost a week in Washington DC with friends and last, but not least: I cycled the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. What a luxury.. I’m very grateful that I’m in the position to do these things.


As much as I enjoyed surfing the globe, it also made me feel a bit guilty. Why? Almost 2,5 years ago I moved to the mountains to heal my lungs/immune system. Clean air and a few drastic health interventions helped me offset almost all my medication, yet here I am flying all over the world to set foot in five countries in order to visit a few cool places and people. Considering that the air is the sea in which we swim, I’ve been poisening our ´pool´ quite a bit with all my airtraffic.

Put your own oxygen mask on first; before…

I realized that I’ve put my own ‘oxygen mask’ on first by means of moving to the clean mountain air, changing to a plant-based diet and a few other health interventions. Fair enough, but since I’m in good shape now, I feel it’s time to take my healthy lifestyle beyond the personal level.

I’ve decided to commit to a new lifestyle change: from now on I will make more environmentally friendly decisions.

I’m not ready to give up travelling or to exterminate myself -which would be the most sustainable thing to do 🤢- but there is nontheless a lot I can do to reduce my footprint. So more concious decisionmaking it is…

Commit and then figure it out

Where to start?! The other day I saw an inspiring Ted talk by Mick Ebeling. The fundamental principle of his ‘Not Impossible Labs‘: ‘Commit and then figure it out’.  I like it.

So, following Micks’ wise words I’ve decided to just learn by doing. This worked well with regard to fixing my personal health, so here we go.

Heal the world (make it a better place 😉

My first sustainable purchase: these ‘Allbirds’ sneakers…

Recovering from my jetlag on my balcony

In need of summer shoes, I decided to buy some while in San Francisco. But, in line with my new challenge, I wanted to buy environmentally friendly shoes. I put Google to work and I found two interesting potentials: Rothy’s and Allbirds. There were more, but let’s just say that I feel that an environmentally friendly shoe does not necessarily have to look like one that’s made for the physically impaired.

My preference went out to Rothy’s: very cool handmade flats made from plastic water botlles. Unfortunately their shop was closed and I didn’t want to order them online (flying them all over the atlantic would kind of defeat the purpose I figured 😉

So I moved on to Allbirds. Allbirds is a so-called B-Corp. These are for profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. If you’re interested to know more; here you go. They started out making shoes from wool, and are now also making shoes from eucalyptus.

I picked a pair of pink woolen ones and I’ll tell you: I’ve never worn more comfortable sneakers, they are affordable (I paid $ 95,) and I feel really good about my environmentally friendly purchase.

So, the game is on!

Why am I sharing all of this? I noticed that putting my thoughts and resolutions on paper helps me to stick to them. And…at the same time it’s a good way to ask you to share your environmental friendly purchases/decisions/experiments with me! Please don’t hesitate to advise me 🙂