Clean air travel tip: Möserer See

At 1.292 m altitude you´ll find the Möserer See; a lovely place to enjoy some fresh clean air and the quality of the water is great as well (bonus!)

Chasing clean air in Europe…

Where do you go? And which European countries are to be avoided?

Clean air travel tip: ‘Luftkurort’ Igls

Crisp, clean air is to be found in less then 5 km from Innsbruck. Travel tip II: IGLS

Hi! My name is Fleur Kortenoever. Let me share with you why I started this blog and what you´ll find here...

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A treat for your lungs: participate in the Lung-Boost-Week at the Alpenretreat in Austria (July 29-August 5, 2018). E-mail me so I can notify you as soon as the program is available.