Why I’m training to hold my breath…

A lot of breathing techniques revolve around breath retention. Why is that? What are the advantages of breath holding?

Today´s hottest breathing technique: Tummo!

So this is the first ´episode´ of a few blogs about different breathing techniques as announced in...

The art of breathing

Breathing… one of the most underestimated – yet powerful- instruments we have at our disposal. By changing the way we breathe, we can change the way we feel…

Houseplants to the Rescue

There's only so much they can do to control how clean the air is outside, so this company "grows" as much clean air inside as it can. (via AJ+)

Posted by Upworthy on Friday, April 7, 2017

Clean air idea: ‘grow’ clean air in your office!

‘Growing’ clean air!?! Oh yes! Indian entrepreneur Kamal Meattle is showing the world how it’s done…

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Hi! My name is Fleur Kortenoever. Let me share with you why I started this blog and what you´ll find here...

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Retreat ´Find your breath´

From July 8 till July 15 B-Mind and Whatsyourexcuse are organizing a wonderful week at the Alpenretreat in Tirol, Austria. It will be all about ´finding your breath´! The breath is one of your most powerful instruments. Learning more about it and knowing how to use it is a gift for life. Come join us! Drop me a line if you want me to inform you as soon as there´s more info. See you in July!

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